Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mother Poetry

Ok, so people keep asking me what happened with the Page Seventeen launch. Why wasn’t I there reading from my Magnum Opus? Well, my four year old Boy and I had the following conversation last Friday:

Me: So you know we’ve been talking about that poetry reading?
Boy: Yep.
Me: Well, it’s a long way away, but I’d still really like to go. Do you want to come on a big trip with me and we’ll hear some poetry?
Boy: Yeah, okay. Are you reading some poetry?
Me: I’ll be reading a story.
Boy: Will there be a stage?
Me: (tentatively) Yes.
Boy: Ok, let me just get my things ready for my show that I’ll be doing.
Me: Errr...what show?
Boy: The show I’ll be doing on the stage at the poetry party.
Me: Darling, umm, the stage is just for people whose poetry is going to be in the book.
Boy: What book? Show it to me. Am I in there? Let me have a look.
Me: No sweetie, you’re not in the book. Only grown ups are in the book.
Boy: (doubtfully) Does it have pictures in it?
Me: No. The book does not have pictures, only poetry and stories.
Boy: (suspiciously) Have you seen the book?
Me: No, not yet.
Boy: Then my show might be in there. Can you help me make a costume for the stage?
Me: Everyone has to be very quiet at poetry readings
Boy: ( busily gathering some puppets together) I will be very quiet. Except when I am doing my show, then I will be really loud because it’s a really LOUD show...

Editor Tiggy Johnson assured me that there are usually children present and the venue for the launch was child-friendly...Boy might have a play on stage during the break... but alas, I know Boy, and would have been restraining him from storming the stage, which wouldn’t have been fun for either of us. On the upside, I'm told the launch went amazingly, and my novel extract (from Black Lazarus) is still published in the edition.

You can read Melbourne writer A.S Patric’s launch review here, or buy a copy of the publication here. I'll be able to give you more of a rundown on the current issue once I have the handsome little thing in my trembling hands.


  1. Thanks for sharing :-). Indeed Ma comes before Poetry doesn't it? Look forward to catching the handsome little thing from your trembling hands.

  2. I understand the predicament, and can only thank my stars I was able to go sans children myself (doesn't happen often of a weekend!)

    See you soon, my friend - museum? My VIP guest is departing tomorrow :)

  3. Haha, that is fabulous. It made me grin hugely. I have two thoughts, one is you absolutely should have gone and released him and let him run amok, seriously. Everyone would have benefited. The other is allegorical.

  4. I love how you let your child be part of your art, it's wonderful :)

  5. I reckon his show might have been one of the highlights. Puppets and costumes, loud growling and rampaging! Maybe that's something we should consider doing in the future. This could be a revolution in performance poetry. Perhaps the boy is a visionary ; )

  6. Thanks one again for your comments people.

    Yeah, Karen, we have to catch up soon!

    Paul & Alec: yeah, you're right I probably should have just taken Boy anyway. Maybe next time. I just had nightmare visions of whispering and tut-tutting.

  7. I agree with Paul and Alec, should have let him loose. I admire your son's thought processes, 'have you seen the book?' Very valid question, we, as parents, look towards the day that our children will grow taller than us but are too scared to consider the day that they become smarter than us!

  8. That's a lovely dialogue, and sometimes shows just have to be really LOUD. Congrats on the publication.

  9. Mark: it seems we have a consensus. Next time a daytime launch arises, it will be Maxine plus Boy onstage :)

    Richard: Haven't seen you here for a while! Thanks for visiting, and for your comment. And yeah, sometimes LOUD is unavoidable and appropriate :)

  10. I would love to hear your voice. Im here in Florida and want to know if you have Cd's your boy story.

  11. I love your boy's suppositions and questions. :)

    "Ok, let me just get my things ready for my show that I’ll be doing." Haha!

    I wasn't able to make it to the launch, and haven't got hold of the latest PS yet, but am looking forward to having a read.

    Verification word: 'laing' (R. D. Laing = author of 'Sanity, Madness and the Family'!)

  12. That conversation with your son certainly brought a smile to my face. While perhaps the audience would not have appreciated his 'show', there is a certain poetry in the world of children which I absolutely adore.

  13. could have been great...
    and he sounds smarter then i was until yesterday..

  14. Kemarias: thanks for visiting. I'm in the process of putting together the last tracks for a CD, and will have a website with a paypal facility on it soon, so please stay tuned. I'll also get some podcasts happening on the site at some stage.

    Stu: The word verification is weirdly accurate all the time. I think they might be watching us...and I got my copy of Page Seventeen today. Whoohooo!

    Tracey and Utopian Fragments: So that's two more votes for letting Boy loose on stage next time then :)