Thursday, November 5, 2009

Page Seventeen Launch

Getting to that gig-crazy time of year again for me. On Saturday I'm hoping to get a chance to read at the Page Seventeen Issue 7 launch in Upwey. It'll be my first time ever reading prose in public (from the section of my novel which is being published in the book)...I'm actually a little nervous.

Also very much looking forward to hearing Sean M Whelan and his new musical collaborators, The Interim Lovers. I've been reading his poetry book, Tattooing the Surface of the Moon the last few days, with the notion to review it in comparison to his performance work as part of a larger commissioned article on Spoken Word v Page. Also have never heard my friend Alec Patric read, despite reading a lot of his stuff on the page, so I'm looking forward to that.
I'll have Boy with me on Saturday though - he's almost four, and not good with sitting down listening to readings. His instinct is to rush the stage, yelling "I want to do a show, please can I do a show, why I can't have a turn? I can do poetry!" And well can he. His version of :

hum dee dum
hum humpty dumpty
i said hum hum humpty yeaaaah
Are we ready? Break it down!

(seriously I kid you not) is totally rockin. I have absolutely no idea where the little attention-seeker gets it from. Anyway, Boy and I will have to have a chat on Saturday morning and see whether or not we give it a try. Fingers crossed.


  1. Hope you have a ball Maxine, and you seem to have lost weight...don't lose anymore, you're beautiful !

  2. Thanks Lorraine. I only just posted it and there you were!

    Lost some weight? Ahh, a woman after my own chocolate cake :) Nah, it's an old picture from about two years ago. Wish I was lookin so good now :(

  3. wondering who boy is.his little piece is sooo care-free. have fun

  4. Nervous huh? That ain't nothing for a steppe,r and you my lady, are a performer. Although I've never heard you read, I feel your words. "what leaves the heart reaches another"... See, I believe that.

    When I listen to great speakers, the first thing I see is their confidence. You've been on the grind and you've taken your lumps. You, Maxine, are prepared.

    I am sure you don't need me to tell you how to prepare for your performances, but I'll tell you what I do. First, nervous is cool, it's the pilot light. I turn on the gas to ignite the fire. I envision the sight and sounds of the best speaker, as he/she performed in a similar environment. I become them... my words, my style, my flow, yet their presence is in me.

    If you ever try this, you will notice your eyes widen and your chin lift slightly from the floor.

    ****Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you.... MAXINE!

  5. Boy gets it from his mama without a doubt; the offspring of poetry in progress, progress in motion in living color.

    All the best! There is no faking it with you.

  6. Thanks Mama Shujaa - and yes, HYAW, Boy is my little (or medium-sized now) one. I don't type his name in case he sues me when he's older :)

    Carey, you give the best, BEST BEST advice. Can I shrink you down and carry you on my shoulder for the rest of my life? I'd be a superstar in no time, not to mention much more hip.

  7. Maxine in prose mode! For those of you who haven't seen it, let me tell you, it's like seeing the woman stripping down to her essential genius.

  8. I am telling you, Boy is going to steal your poet thunder for sure lol.

  9. Your passion makes you stunning, no amount of weight loss could achieve that, so really Have your cake, and eat it too ;) and share, share a slice lol

  10. 'Essential genius?' Alec, you crack me up! How am I ever going to live with that. And besides, you've never even heard me read prose!

    Cat: You bet he'll steal my thunder, I need no convincing of that :)

    Lorraine: Right, pass this woman a fork!

  11. What? Haven't seen you? Didn't you read something during the Master Class? There was a poem about your mother that you read one night that was very prose-like as well. People, she's just being modest. I know of what I speak.

  12. can't wait to read your thing on spoken vs. page. i've been publishing on the page for years (in p17 too) but just this year decided there was more to it. i'm off to sydeny next week to be in the nsw slam final. we shall see how my peculiar mix of page / performance goes...

  13. Congratulations Derek! I'm reviewing the VIC state final for this blog at the end of the week, and also for RRR's show aural text. It will be great to get your take on the NSW final, so I hope you come bcak to chat about it!

    Alec: Nope, didn't read during the Overland Masterclass, but that 'Subtext' poem you're thinking of is probably the most prose-ish my poetry gets I guess. I'm annoyed I didn't make the launch, but hope it went fantastically!

  14. So, I'm waiting. What happened? Did you and Boy end up performing? Did Boy outshine his mum?

  15. Hi Kate, only just saw this comment. Hope I answered your query in the following post ('Mother Poetry')!