Thursday, November 5, 2009

Page Seventeen Launch

Getting to that gig-crazy time of year again for me. On Saturday I'm hoping to get a chance to read at the Page Seventeen Issue 7 launch in Upwey. It'll be my first time ever reading prose in public (from the section of my novel which is being published in the book)...I'm actually a little nervous.

Also very much looking forward to hearing Sean M Whelan and his new musical collaborators, The Interim Lovers. I've been reading his poetry book, Tattooing the Surface of the Moon the last few days, with the notion to review it in comparison to his performance work as part of a larger commissioned article on Spoken Word v Page. Also have never heard my friend Alec Patric read, despite reading a lot of his stuff on the page, so I'm looking forward to that.
I'll have Boy with me on Saturday though - he's almost four, and not good with sitting down listening to readings. His instinct is to rush the stage, yelling "I want to do a show, please can I do a show, why I can't have a turn? I can do poetry!" And well can he. His version of :

hum dee dum
hum humpty dumpty
i said hum hum humpty yeaaaah
Are we ready? Break it down!

(seriously I kid you not) is totally rockin. I have absolutely no idea where the little attention-seeker gets it from. Anyway, Boy and I will have to have a chat on Saturday morning and see whether or not we give it a try. Fingers crossed.