Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cover Art

I'm hoping the next cover of Overland Literary Journal will be amazing...because I've been asked to design it.
This has come completely out of the blue, the invitation rolling off the back of graphics and artwork designed (purely for my own joy/amusement) for coverage of the Overload Poetry Festival on the Overland blogsite last year (many designs you can see down the left hand side of this site).

After my initial jubilation and shock, I proceeded to practically dirty my pants with fear, and am still doing so every few minutes, so much so I'm gonna have to get some more (metaphorical) underwear soon.
Just recently, Alec Patric (a Melbourne writer and bookseller) and I were standing in Readings bookstore in St Kilda, having a discussion about how detrimental a boring/inappropriate cover can be to book sales, particularly literary journals. Weird.
I want this book to sell. I want a cover that says buy me now, I rock. I am left, I am challenging, I am engaging and I am well worth the cover price. I want to create a cover that does the writing inside justice. I'm overwhelmed, but excited, but overwhelmed, but get my drift.

So what about you guys? Do you have any favourite book covers? Any you despise? Any which offend you? What kind of cover makes you pick up a book and flick through it? What colours catch your eye? I wanna know it all. Oh, and some new underwear wouldn't go astray either.


  1. That's so cool Maxine, and you will do well so stop worrying, you are infected with talent.

  2. Thanks Mark...hope I prove you right :/

  3. Hi Maxine! I agree with Mark, I reckon you'll do an ace job.

    I really love the GDS 29 cover - both the image and the design, really clean, great use of colour too, both subtle & striking.

  4. Thanks Ashley. You're right, the Going Down Swinging #29 Cover is really something special: striking but not too confronting, bold but also somehow translucent.

  5. Hmmm... An interesting question re the attraction of a cover. I am attracted to second hand hardbacks that have had their sleeves obliterated. Traces of must and/or semen will usually seal the deal for me.

  6. Hehe. Oh, how I wish Overland had the budget to do a limited edition hardback! As for the must and bodily fluids...not sure how that can be arranged?