Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Still Waters Run Deep

I’m over blogging at Overland Literary Journal this evening, talking about writing 'the other Black' in Australia, and the newly established Still Waters Storytelling Network:

....Writing the ‘other’ Black Australia, I tell the sisters of the newly established storytellers group, has been a long and lonely, if productive, road. Particularly in the notoriously monocultural Australian poetry scene. Paving a path as a young black female poet writing intensely political, and at times heavily criticised, work about the experiences of African descendents in the ‘new world’ has not been easy. But perhaps the most difficult thing of all has been the absence of sisters whose solidarity would surely have made the road less rocky.

Yet here they are now, gathered with me on the couches, cross-legged on the polished wooden floorboards of this small room in North Melbourne...

Please, come join me over there for a chat!

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